Axon PLC as a communication gateway for monitoring of a battery storage power station

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A customer from the Czech Republic uses Unipi Axon controller for remote management and monitoring of the first battery storage power station in the Czech Republic. 

The Solar Global a.s. group is the leading Czech producer of energy from photovoltaic and other renewable sources. Its subsidiaries focus on a wide spectrum of services related to renewable energy sources and photovoltaics ranging from building, installation and maintenance of solar powerplants to investments, energy distribution and battery storage systems. Since 2017 the company has been operating a large 1MWh battery storage power station in Prakšice, Czech Republic; the first installation of its kind installed in the country. 

The battery was designed as a single unit with its operation being controlled by a programmable logic controller of a different vendor which runs a battery management system (BMS). The company also established cooperation with Abradatas company focused on developing advanced AI-based algorithms; that said, the PLC also communicates with a cloud-based control algorithm incorporating AI elements, which automates and optimizes the battery's operation through advanced decision algorithms using weather data, current energy price, power grid status and other information. 

For remote management and monitoring the battery uses Unipi Axon S115 programmable logic controller that combines 10 I/O, four RS485 serial interfaces and compact dimensions. Energy vendor can use the controller to monitor the battery remotely through a web interface and regulate its operation depending on the current electricity market situation. 

The battery is monitored also from the Solar Global a.s. supervision centre. The company uses a program created in the Mervis IDE software to monitor the battery and to send notifications and alerts directly into the supervision centre. The most important data are also being stored on a cloud database for further analysis or diagnostics in the case of technical issues. 

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