Complete solution for telemetry, remote control and monitoring based on PLC Unipi

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A customer from Greece used the software openness of Unipi controllers to create a complex platform for measuring, regulation and monitoring based on customized Unipi Neuron controllers.

TRIK-TRAK Chatziangelidis is a Greek company active in the field of industrial refrigeration, and HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems). For over 15 years the company has also ventured into energy-saving through telemetry, advanced monitoring and regulation. For the latter and after 2 years of in-house design and development, the Arctic 485 platform was created. Project Arctic introduces a complete & modular telemetry solution, which uses Unipi Neuron controllers as one of its main hardware components.

A major advantage of the Arctic 485 + Neuron S103 combination is the high adaptability of the resulting solution according to customer’s needs as well as the scope of his/her project. In the simplest of installations, like in the case of supermarket chains,  the controller reads and stores data from temperature sensors send notifications and alerts in case of emergencies or failures.

In more complex projects, such as large cold storage and industrial refrigeration facilities, the controller is additionally connected to the existing equipment of the installation via RS485 Modbus. Obtained data from the connected devices like refrigeration controllers evaporators, condensers, compressors and other similar devices are then utilized in order to optimize the operation and reduce energy consumption. Moreover, the system owner is given the ability to fully control/administer the whole installation both locally and remotely.  Finally, the Arctic 485 platform also features its own database, cloud storage and the option to send notifications or to implement custom code. 

TRIK-TRAK Chatziangelidis offers the system as a complete all-in-one solution or as a totally customizable project with both its software and hardware aspects tailor-made upon request.

Arctic 485 controller in a distribution box

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