Control of under-ceiling disinfection and sterilization unit for commercial and industrial buildings with PLC Unipi Neuron

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The Czech company uses Unipi Neuron units as a control system for compact under-ceiling units that destroy viruses and airborne bacteria.

The Czech company FairAir with international operations specializes in system solutions for large-volume low-cost natural air exchange, cooling and air quality treatment, modular infrared heating, circulation, and disturbance of temperature layers. The system builds on environmentally friendly technologies that meet the requirements for extremely long life, almost zero maintenance and an exceptional price-performance ratio. That is why they use Unipi Neuron units in their FUTURO360 project.


Due to the growing demands for disinfection of workspaces, the Czech company FairAir created a project for a compact under-ceiling unit FUTURO360. Because it was necessary to place a powerful control unit in the device, the company set the following requirements:
  • Long and fail-safe operation
  • Reliable units
  • No user intervention required
  • Remote control
  • Remote unit management with the possibility of visualizing a web server on the internal company network
  • Possibility of connection with the SCADA dispatching system


All the requirements placed on the industrial computer are met by Unipi control units from the Neuron production line (specifically M103). The under-ceiling unit is thus fully developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, including Unipi controllers.

In the under-ceiling unit, Unipi controllers manage:

  • disinfection – of air, space, and surfaces by generating ozone or using germicides UV-C emitters (these can be operated in the presence of people and during working hours)
  • ventilation – ensuring the flow of clean, disinfected air into the building
  • light program – LED lighting indicating a current function of the device
  • elimination of odors – molds, insects, etc. by generating ozone
  • destratification – disturbance of the temperature layers by regulating the ventilator speed, which saves on heating costs

One of the requirements was the autonomy of the control unit, so all activities are performed separately, without access to the computer network, using preset time schedules. These are set immediately during the installation of the under-ceiling unit and, if necessary, available after connection to the internal company network via visualization (webserver). Visualization allows schedules to be displayed, edited, and also dynamically respond to necessary changes. Additionally, it allows to clearly monitor the current status and total operating time of the unit, of the germicidal radiators, etc. The system, therefore, achieves maximum stability and is maintenance-free.
If it is necessary to set a unique exception from the time schedule, the user can enter it using the remote control.

Thanks to the powerful Unipi Neuron control units, the under-ceiling unit has:

  • fast efficiency (from 30 minutes)
  • fully automated operation (time programs)
  • safe operation
  • webserver for visualization and remote monitoring/control

Under-ceiling units can be used in healthcare (PT2), food industry (PT4), shopping malls, open-space offices, or even in production halls, warehouses, and airports.

Next steps

Thanks to the Unipi Neuron units used, it is possible to extend the under-ceiling units to monitor the entire space in which they are installed, including air quality, and thus monitoring, for example, temperature, humidity, or CO2 content in the air.

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