Smart home control with Unipi Axon and Loxone controllers

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A customer from the Czech Republic utilized the software openness of Unipi Axon controllers to interconnect them with controllers from other vendors.

The customer decided to install a Loxone controller to control a smart electro installation in a family house. However, as the controller is a closed solution the customer needed to complement the system by a second controller which would collect data, serve as an active element and at the same time would also enable to connect additional devices or systems. In the end, Unipi Axon controllers were selected due to their software openness and flexibility. Specifically, the Unipi Axon L205 was used. 

Schematic of the project

The project uses the Unipi Axon L205 controller. To its inputs, various switches, temperature sensors and humidity sensors are connected. Based on the collected data the controller then switches and/or regulates heating, shutters and blinds, garden irrigation and other devices. From the software point of view the controller uses Node-RED, an open-source software solution used not only to create a control logic but also to configure communication with a database. The user is then able to visualise and analyse the stored data through the Grafana platform. 

The entire system is managed through the Loxone controller’s user interface. Commands are relayed to the Axon controller with which the Loxone controller communicates via Modbus TCP protocol. Future plans for the system then include a second Axon controller and integration of an electronic security system.

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