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SCAO Informatica uses a custom variant of the Neuron S103 controller to measure the efficiency of industrial machinery. The device performs forecasts and in-depth analysis or estimates consumption.

SCAO Informatica Srl, an Italian company and software house with an international presence, specializes in software solutions for industrial management. Its products effectively improve processes, optimize costs and reduce machine control problems. It focuses on providing Industry 4.0 software solutions and, thanks to its projects, has become a recognized expert in IT solutions for industrial enterprises. Its comprehensive portfolio of products and services supports businesses in improving their efficiency, productivity and overall competitiveness.


SCAO's hardware solution had to be designed to measure and monitor CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the factory or on specific work orders to predict and subsequently reduce relative costs.
Furthermore, the device had to operate with CNC and PNC-equipped machine tools as well as with older machines where only electrical signals are collected. 
The aim was to create a product designed for:

  • Measuring the efficiency of industrial machines 
  • Monitoring the costs of work processes 
  • Comparing processes with work plans 
  • Monitoring machine downtime and maintenance 


All requirements are met by the eMachina Box controller, which is a rebranded variant of the Neuron S103 controller and represents an innovative solution in the field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

The eMachina Box (Unipi Neuron S103) contains the following features: 
  • Digital inputs 
  • Digital outputs 
  • Analog input 
  • Analog output 
  • RS485 serial interface 
  • 1-Wire bus 
  • Ethernet 
  • Product branding 

With the eMachina Box, it is possible to connect, for example, industrial machines equipped with various devices or sensors such as scales, counters and photocells. The product can measure the efficiency of machine tools, presses, welding machines, CNC and more.
The information is collected and stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The eMachina Box device communicates with the eMachina MES software and passes it all the information it receives from the connected machines. 

The eMachina solution performs forecasts, estimates consumption, monitors the amount of CO2 produced, performs in-depth analyses or, for example, monitors machine utilisation or maintenance.
  • Allows real-time monitoring of all work centres 
  • Meets Industry 4.0 requirements 
  • With the solution, industrial companies can understand factory bottlenecks and increase productivity and efficiency

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