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UniPi is an extension for Raspberry Pi which in combination makes aa programmable controller unit.

UniPi is an extension for Raspberry Pi and in combination they make programmable controller unit. It issuitable for use in Smart Home, BMS systems (Building management system) and for development of innovation in the field of Internet of Things. As an example may be building heating automation, automatic light switching, watering systems, garrage and gate control and other applications (read more in our references and Smart Home applications description). UniPi is an affordable control unit which can help you increase comfort and decrease operation costs.

Key features of the product

  • 8 × changeover relays (rated 250V AC/5A or 24V DC/5A)
  • 14 × galvanically isolated digital inputs (triggered by 5-24V DC)
  • 2 × 0-10 V analogue inputs
  • 1 × 0-10 V analogue output
  • 1 × 1-Wire port (suitable for connection of for example digital 1-Wire thermometers or other 1-Wire sensors)
  • 1 × I2C port for extension
  • 1 × Battery slot for RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • 1 × UART port for external serial communications (it is possible to connect directly via serial adapter)

UniPi v1.1 is officially compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+, Raspberry Pi 2 model B and with Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

How does it work


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi serves as a CPU of the control unit. Inside there is inserted SD card with a stored control software, RPi itself processes the received signals and sends reactions. All the individual interfaces, inputs and outputs are connected to RPi processor directly over GPIO or non-directly via I2C. Raspberry Pi  also provides connection to the network (which allows local or remote system control) and USB (over USB it is possible to connec for example RS485 convertor for Modbus comunication).


Some parts of UniPi (relays) are connected to the processor over I2C. Over it is possible to connect extension modules in case of need for additional inputs / outputs.


1-Wire channel allows connection of 1-Wire sensors and devices. Typically is is suitable for connection of digital thermometers, which are affordable and easy to install.


UniPi v1.1 is compatible with a lot of software. For UniPi control we recommend either our open source driver EVOK or our advanced control software Mervis. You may also be interested in introduction to choosing choosing software, where other compatible software platforms are mentioned.

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