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A complete overview of your energy consumption in user-friedly graphs? No problem with UniPi!

Monitoring of your energy consumption brings many new possibilities. Not only you will get an overview of all the ongoing events, but you can also discover the weaknesses of your system, for example overheating of some rooms. The identification of the recurring critical situations itself helps to immediately lower the consumption and unnecessary losses. 

What can be measured and monitored?

  • Energy consumption
  • Gas consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Inner and outer temperatures
  • Humidity, light intensity or motion
  • Anything else you need


Our system allows you to periodically store data from many different data points. Data are saved in a special form which enables storing a great amount of data and fast search and display of the required data at the same time through our Viewer. Data points can include electricity meters, gas or flow meters, motion sensors, temperature meters and other sensing devices. Based on measured data the further responses of the system can be set, for example, turning the heating off in the rooms where the window is opened.

How to do it?

  • Install Mervis and configure your Neuron controller
  • Attach all the sensors and meters to your Neuron and map the variables on these devices
  • Set the basic parameters for MervisDB (URL, login and password and the length of the data sending period)
  • Now only deploy the project to Neuron and it's done! After logging in to you can now see the adding data from the data points showed in different graphs and diagrams, or in a text log.

For a trouble-free launch of your energy monitoring you can also use our Step-by-Step manual or our YouTube tutorials.

What do you need?

  • Controller - For simpler systems you can use the cost-effective Neuron S103, for larger ones we recommend Neuron M303 or L303. If you need more analog I/O's (for example for PT100, PT1000 and NTC sensors use) you can use the M503, L503 or L513.
  • Software - To every Neuron controller you will get a lifetime license for Mervis software. This professional software was designed especially for advanced energy monitoring and management.
  • Sensors and measuring devices

Don't you believe it can be that simple? Download the configuration software for free and try it for yourself!

  • Configuration software MervisIDE you can download here.
  • Step-by-Step manual you can find here.
  • And our YouTube channel with practical video-tutorials is here.

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