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The D2000 from IPESOFT is a comprehensive real-time platform designed for creating smart industrial IT solutions.

Technology enables the easy development of your own industrial applications. You can use it to communicate with a wide range of industrial equipment, obtain data and subsequently process them using unique algorithms and artificial intelligence tools, and then use the obtained information for evaluation, visualization, or as a command signal for external devices and technologies. The D2000 offers a set of advanced tools for integrating machines, devices, systems, and people according to the smart factory and smart home and concepts. The platform represents technology ready for Industry 4.0.

The D2000 architecture and properties

The core of the platform is the D2000 Kernel, also called the D2000 Server. Once started, it reads configuration data, stores it, and passes the necessary parts of configuration to other processes.
Runtime processes run in the background and have no user interfaces. Configuration processes allow developers and administrators to make configuration changes.

User processes in the form of the "thick" client (D2000 HI) and "thin" client (D2000 SmartWeb) provide secure access to the system to:
  • clearly monitor and visualize technological units
  • provide an interface for the control center
  • provide outputs and analytical tools for technology specialists and process engineers

Interface processes include:
  • interface and data transfer between multiple D2000 applications
  • standard integration interface for third-party applications
  • integration to external services/cloud like for example support for the MS Azure IoT/IIoT

Properties of the platform:

a) Scalability, flexibility, and security
b) High reliability and availability of the system
c) Architecture suitable for solutions with High Availability/Disaster Recovery needs
d) More than 100 supported communication protocols and standards
e) Powerful historian and support for unlimited archiving
f) ZERO DOWNTIME – outage-free configuration
g) A comprehensive set of data acquisition and data processing tools
h) Real-time monitoring and balancing
i) Compatibility with other systems
j) Powerful visualization tools
k) Architecture with support of SQL standards

Supported communication protocols

The D2000 platform supports more than 100 industrial protocols. Thanks to the wide support of protocols, it is possible to control a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. The D2000 installed on Unipi devices can be used to monitor and control complicated systems but also as a protocol bridge to other applications. The platform supports protocols used in the energy industry, industrial automation, control systems, Industry 4.0, and so on.

The D2000 on Unipi devices

The combination of well-designed hardware with quality software brings wide possibilities for practical use. Thanks to their properties, the Unipi controllers are a great foundation for a wide range of applications developed on the IPESOFT D2000 platform.

Mentioned applications can be used to control small systems such as smart homes, irrigation control, and so on.

The combination of Unipi and IPESOFT D2000 also brings great potential for the IoT/IIoT concept. Unipi devices with the IPESOFT D2000 Server installed thus serve as IoT edge devices, which fulfill the local functions but also communicate directly and transmit information to the cloud. The big advantage is that the sent data does not need to be further processed in the cloud. The performance provided by the Unipi hardware together with the IPESOFT D2000 edge computing capabilities enable executions of a wide array of tasks and functions even before uploading to the cloud. Said tasks and functions are easy to configure and manage using the configuration tools.

Unipi devices can also be used in more complicated/distributed system architecture using the D2000 processes and interfaces. A typical use case is the implementation of Unipi controllers with the installed communication process (D2000 KOM) directly into production and thus obtaining more detailed information from technological devices. The data is then transformed and passed on to the parent system.

Blog series – Unipi and the D2000

In the following blogs, you will find examples of using a combination of technologies together with instructions on how to install the D2000 on Unipi devices.
D2000 and Unipi Patron
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More screenshots on the D2000 website (ipesoft.com).

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