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Aside from the usual range of applications, Unipi programmable logic controllers (PLC) have been also utilized in emergency services. The US-based Bryx company can serve as an example, using Unipi Axon controllers for fire station automation.

Firefighters, paramedics, policemen and other first responders rely on reliable communication infrastructure, which allows them to respond as quickly as possible. The Bryx US-based company focuses on providing such services through developing software, mobile apps, data analysis solutions and others. See the company's webpage for more info about its projects.

The latest innovation of Bryx is using the Unipi Axon S205 PLC for remote control of various devices according to the customer’s needs. Current plans also include the automation of fire stations. The controller will be used to read the open/closed status of 8 truck bay doors and will open the corresponding truck bay once an emergency call comes. As the crew does not need to open those doors manually, this feature can potentially save lives by reducing the time on arrival by a few precious seconds.

Unipi Axon S205 programmable logic controller

Aside from emergency services, Bryx also has plans for using Unipi controllers for monitoring of button pushes (ie. a call acknowledgement) and for solenoid valve control on gas lines or water lines. As the company says, such feature enables to control and power such facilities remotely and its installation does not require a licensed technician, reducing expenses and maintenance requirements.

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