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A customer from Greece uses Unipi controllers in smart home installations and swimming pool automation projects

Kotsis Project is a Greek company providing its customers with smart home installations along with a solution for swimming pool automation. As a basis for their projects, the company uses Unipi Neuron programmable logic controllers, complemented by Unipi Extension modules if needed. 

From the software point of view, the company uses the OpenHAB open-source platform; it is a uniform environment to integrate controls of all components of the project into a single interface. In this case, the system allows the user to manage a wide variety of appliances and systems through a comprehensible user interface, through which the property owner can control and monitor smart door locks, lighting, shutters, blinds, ventilation, heating or temperature in individual rooms. Smart appliances can be also integrated - a smart coffee maker can serve as an example, allowing the user to make a cup of coffee through his smartphone. 

The user interface of one of the projects

The above-mentioned platform was also implemented in a swimming pool management project. A suite of sensors monitors all basic values of the pool such as water temperature, water acidity, pump pressure or filtration system status. The pool manager is then able to monitor all status reports and alerts through a comprehensible user interface, using the data to remotely regulate or switch individual components of the system such as pumps, heating or electrolytic disinfection system. 


Pool management user interface

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Neuron controllers mounted in distribution boxes