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A customer from Finland uses Axon controllers to control and optimize the operation of cold storage rooms. 

DOWater Tmi is a Finnish company developing highly precise control systems for cold storage rooms and is eager to tackle even the most demanding control problems for its existing and new customers using programmable logic controllers. For this purpose the company created a specially designed algorithm for optimizing the operation of heat evaporators to minimize defrost cycles, thus reducing energy consumption. The company originally used controllers from a different vendor, but ultimately chose the Unipi Axon programmable logic controller. Among reasons for the choice were high computing power and the possibility of easy remote management. Due to these advantages, the company could finish the project in a very short timeframe.

The project uses Unipi Axon M205 controller featuring a high number of digital inputs and relay outputs as well as a pair of RS485 interfaces, a single RS232 interface and a 1-Wire bus. A total of 12 1-Wire thermometers located around the cold storage room are connected to the controller via a 1-Wire hub. Outputs are then used to switch the refrigeration system consisting of a pair of compressors and three evaporators. nh

The project also utilizes the Mervis, software platform included for each Axon as a pre-installed solution. Through Mervis, the operators can access the project remotely through a proxy server, or manage it locally via the Weintek touchscreen operator panels. 

Local control user interface of the project

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