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A customer from the Netherlands used UniPi programmable logic controllers for its universal control system for control of refrigeration in foodstuff storage spaces.

Among UniPi costumers, there are many companies using the software openness of UniPi hardware for implementing their own software solutions and using UniPi as a hardware solution for their own projects. One of such companies is Rope Solutions, a Dutch-based company focusing on hardware and software development. As one of its latest projects, the company designed an UniPi-based intelligent modular control system for controlling the refrigeration process in storages and warehouses storing refrigerated food products.

The incentive to create such a system was an idea to create a universal control solution for small and medium businesses in need of affordable, yet reliable refrigeration systems. As the system required a suitable controller Rope Solutions developers searched for a programmable logic controller that is powerful, reliable, flexible and is affordable for smaller companies. In the end, the company chose UniPi.technology controllers which combine flexibility, favourable prices and an open software interface that allows customers to implement or create their own software solutions.  

The resulting product is a universal one-size-fits-all control system that can be integrated into existing cooling systems regardless of their parameters (ie. cooling medium used, installation size, centralised or remote control etc.). From the hardware point of view, the system uses UniPi Neuron M503 or UniPi Neuron L513 controllers along with the Neuron Extension xS50 extension modules. Input data are collected by a suite of various sensors located throughout the installation (pressure meters, gas flow meters, temperature meters etc.), processed by the controller and used to control and regulate various refrigeration components such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, cooling fans and others, using the Modbus TCP communication protocol.

As a software solution, the system is using a Modulio software platform developed by Rope Solutions. Modulio represents a control software based on universal and highly flexible control logic that is not only limited to cooling logic, but it can also be adapted to nearly any cooling other control requirements. Aside from Modbus compatibility and a growing list of various other protocols, the platform also features an integrated web API for seamless integration of other systems. Regarding control, the platform supports both local controls through touchscreen HMI panels and remote management through a customizable web interface.

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